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“All I ask of you” from Phantom of the opera | Tyrone

Tyrone is very passionate about learning new songs, new styles or new piano techniques. He’s been playing this song for a couple of months. Hope you enjoy listening to this piece as much as he does!

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter | Jonathan

t’s a great piece to play on the piano. Jonathan has been working hard on the piece within his extremely busy weekly routine with his work and other commitments. It’s so nice when you can play your favorite song on your favorite instrument! Jonathan has really good piano hands! (The reason for zooming up. 🙂

Over the rain | Veronica and John

Veronica started learning violin with us from scratch as an adult student. She turned out to be one of the fastest growing violin students ever! It was thrilling to record this song for both of us as we’ve been working on this beautiful piece for a while.

Maria – AMEB Grade 8 Classical guitar | Luke

Our guitar student Luke is playing one of his 8th grade classical guitar piece called ‘Maria’ (written by Francisco Tarrega) at our ensemble room. Well done Luke!

AMEB violin AMus exam preparation – Mozart violin concerto No.5, Brahms Hungarian Dance No.5 and and Vivaldi La primavera | Lena

After years of hard work on violin, you get to grade 8, then Certificate of Performance level then Amus level. For this level students prepare 25 – 40 minute program with repertoires in different styles from Baroque to modern. Our talented violin student Lena has been working on her techniques, concepts of the exam pieces, expressions, ensemble skills and a lot more. It’s such a demanding journey. But, when you love it you don’t mind at all!

Spanish Romance | Damiano

Our guitar student Damiano recorded one of his favorite pieces from AMEB classical guitar series. See how he grows musically within a couple of months!

Goodnight Mr. Dowland – solo guitar | Andrew

It didn’t take too long for Andrew to record this nice guitar solo piece since he picked this up. He enjoys playing electric guitar too . ACDC, Beatles, Adele…you name it.

Student Concert

Highlight showreel of the Melody Music Academy Junior Students’ Concert held in the Ensemble Room on Sunday, 26 June 2016.
Melody Music Academy Junior Students’ Concert 2014.
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